Hey again. I see you have made it over to our Author’s blogs page, meaning you likely would like to read some financial market related content. Well, you are in luck – that is exactly what we do here at DRC (Dorm Room Capital). Below you will find a list of all the blogs that we are currently featuring, followed by a short summary of what that particular author specializes in.


Ben C. Banks bcbanks.dormroomcapital.com – Ben C. Banks has been writing market content since 16 and his passion lies within strategic momentum trading. If you visit his blog, you will be sure to find a diverse, but consistent selection of trading set-ups and trade reviews. Along with market content, Ben also enjoys writing about mental health and emotional stability so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of that while you are over there.

 Jake Huskajhuska.dormroomcapital.com – Jake Huska is primarily a swing trader who focuses on finding low risk entries on support or resistance. “This blog will be a way for me to share trading ideas, setups, concepts, and other market-related commentary.”

Tom Brunitbruni.dormroomcapital.com – Tom Bruni is the comprehensive investor. He trades almost every market and enjoys incorporating sentiment into his analysis. “My hope is that by writing here and on my (personal) site,  I can share my process, analysis and commentary on market related topics to help others learn from my experiences and have some fun doing it at the same time.”

Anthony Torchiaatorchia.dormroomcapital.com – Anthony Torchia a new(er) trader that is focusing on developing a robust trading strategy that is consistent and profitable. He really connects well with trend following technical analysis and has a passion for sharing his experiences.