Dear valued readers,

We bittersweetly want to announce our official resignation of the production of the DormRoomCapital collaborative website. This decision has come after many days of thought and with the best interest of all parties in mind. The reason for this decision is based on two main things; one, we’re becoming older and many of us are no longer college aged, which (as per our name), is our purpose- to provide a place for college aged market participants to voice their thoughts. Two, along with our older age, we’ve been offered different positions within various companies and organizations. This is not surprising, as we knew this would happen eventually to all of us. We’re young professionals and Dorm Room Capital was a phenomenal thing for a time, but we’ve come to the point where it’s more beneficial for us to retire.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us over the years. Specifically, all of our readers, StockTwits, SeeItMarket and all of the other various media outlets. We are deeply appreciative of the opportunities you have given us, especially considering our lack of expierence within the finance industry (as college students). We will never forget this time in our lives and all that you have helped us accomplish. We’re deeply indebted to your gracious help.

With thanks,


DRC Organization Update